Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mid-week update!

Here is a little mid-week update! My roommate, Korie, said to me tonight, "Umm, I don't know how you are feeling because you haven't blogged and is that weird because I live with you and I should know how you feel?" I thought that was funny and decided to post something because of it! I have been feeling okay since Saturday, kind of just taking it easy. It's definitely been a lot harder and longer to get back to normal after this last session for some reason. Not really sure there is an explanation for that. I have a blood test tomorrow to make sure my levels are still okay and the results will give the doctor a good idea if the white blood cell count is high enough to have chemo on Monday, Nov. 2nd, which is ironically one of my best friend's Jackie's birthdays. So, not a fun or ideal way for me to celebrate it with a chemo cocktail, but I'll be thinking of you having fun Jac!

I made my appointment for my PET scan, where the inside of my body goes to a photo shoot. It's scheduled for November 11th at 10a.m. That means that everyone has to say tons of prayers for me that day and PRAY that the scan is clear or pretty darn close to clear! So this 4th session better knock all those mean cells out of my body and my good cells better get ready to take their picture on the 11th (a.k.a. the PET scan). Umm, let's face it - my good cells are far more photogenic than the bad ones.

I am going to enjoy the next few days before I go back into an icky week of chemoooo. I hope everyone is having a fun and healthy week and enjoys the Halloween weekend! Those who live in Nevada should be getting a longer weekend because it's Nevada Day on Friday. Don't hate if you don't live in Nevada and don't get to celebrate with us. :)

I'll be posting again next week!