Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day #5 after Chem-RO #10

So, last night I felt a bit sick...not going to lie. I was feeling nauseous around 2 in the morning, kind of random. I think it all has to do with the dehydration thing again. I am trying my hardest to hydrate myself during chemo weeks, but am finding it so difficult. Liquids just gross me out so bad, it's quite strange if you ask me. But I make up for it on non-chemo weeks and drink tons and tons of liquids to give my body a break.

I am FINALLY getting out of my house today. And I think my dog, Lucie, is excited to head back home too (to my parents house - her actual home, haha). I did enjoy her company, but I think she's a bit stir crazy too! Look what I'm doing to people! Anyways, after I drop Lucie off - I am heading to Whole new hangout. Yardhouse, who? :) Is it so weird that I get so excited to go shopping at Whole Foods now?! After that, I will probably just finish up all my homework and watch the Grammy's tonight!

As my usual trend shows, I don't blog much on my non-chemo week - so I probably won't write again until my 11th chemo session on February 10th (Happy Birthday to Sonney and Ali!)

And guess what everyone, tomorrow OFFICIALLY starts the month I have been waiting for...FEBRUARY! I asked my parents (back in August 09' when I got diagnosed) to speed me up to February magically...needless to say, it didn't happen and these months have progressed so slowly. Dear February, I love you.

Have a wonderful week everyone and please pray for all of us fighters out there!