Friday, December 4, 2009

And it's Friday...

Aren't Fridays supposed to be fun and exciting? Ya, not so much these days! Well, in a sense, they are fun and exciting because I'm alive and cancer free BUT Fridays make me miss my carefree and fun nights out and about with my friends! I don't know how much one can equate my couch and a movie with a fun night out. Currently, I am watching a Hallmark Christmas movie and what do you know, the girl on here is being diagnosed with cancer. Every show I turn on it seems as if someone is being diagnosed with cancer. Is cancer becoming more prevalent or was I just really good at never acknowledging it before? I really wish someone would just find a freaking cure for cancer already or shall I say the Government needs to release the cures they already have found? (I may have just started a debate right there, haha). Five days sitting on a couch allows your mind to think FAR too much!

I am still battling my cold, but am feeling pretty good. I'm bundled up with a blanket on my couch and have vicks vapor rub all over my chest, I'm like a giant grease machine! My weekend plans consist of getting myself on the treadmill and working out and also trying to get out of the house to do a little shopping. It's not only Christmas, but it's my sissy's 29th birthday this month!!

Trying to keep positive....keep the prayers coming. Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chemo 6 / Day 4

Dear Day #4,

It's been an interesting day. I woke up feeling as if I were in a desert and as if I hadn't had any water in days. I then began to realize I was so congested that I could hardly breathe. Oh, and to top it all off, my lips were awfully chapped. As I acknowledged all of these, I didn't want to get off of the couch to help myself. I decided to lay back down and fall asleep to hope when I woke up again, I'd be in Hawaii sipping on a mojito. Ya, not so successful - I woke up feeling the exact same. This stupid cold is seriously trying to ruin my life. I never thought in a million years that I'd say having a cold is worse than getting chemo, but it kind of is. Or maybe is it the chemo and cold combination? I don't know...but what I do know is that I want to breathe again through my little nostrils. I am feeling just super run down and blahhhhhhhhh today, but again, I don't think I can solely blame Mr. Chemo for doing this to me, he got assistance this week for trying to make my life miserable! Jerk. He's just super mad that his cancer cell friends died and he has nobody to play with -not my problem. :) I've got a busy TV night ahead of me filled with 2 hours of Private Practice...yesssss! Oh and Real Housewives of Orange County. I'm SO cool, I know. Have a good night everyone.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Three-zie of Chemo #6

WHY is this cold still lingering? Oh my gosh, it seriously sucks. Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night...again. This time, tossing and turning because I was so freaking congested. Grrr. I have tissues up my nose and my mom does not like that at all....she is quite disturbed of the image actually. haha! The only positive thing about the cold is that you focus so much on the cold that you forget you had chemo. Hmmm, interesting.

Last night I did enjoy a nice walk - okay so maybe I shouldn't have gone outside, but I bundled up! I also had some hot chocolate, which made it feel like it was December for some reason.

I was also thinking when I was taking a bath last night (sidenote: I need a blackberry so I can blog while in the bathtub like Rev Run does) Anyways, I decided to share some of my tips to get through chemo week for anyone that is going through the same thing as me or is simply just curious how I try and still be fabulous while on chemo.

1. I eat five small meals per day, even if I am not hungry.
2. I make sure to incorporate some type of fruit (apples, oranges, whatever) into my diet daily.
3. I try to get plenty of rest - hence the indent in my parents' couch.
4. I drink as much alkaline water as I possibly can.
5. I try to drink a cup of ginger green or green tea daily.
6. I attempt to go on a walk daily - for at least 15 minutes. (on my off chemo weeks, I do at least 25 minutes of walking every single day)
7. I try to avoid eating foods that are high in artificial sugars...all the time.
8. I take anti-nausea pills twice per day even if I don't feel nauseated - I do this for the 4 days after chemo.
9. I do still have hair after 6 sessions of chemo, so I try to only wash it once per week and I do not blow dry it or use any harsh products on it. I also use a tea tree shampoo and conditioner that is gentle on my dead hair. It is dead by the way!
10. I take an apple cider vinegar bath for the first 4 days after chemo. It helps to detox!
11. I take shots of wheat grass on my off chemo weeks - I do about two per non-chemo week. It's gross, but you get used to it after a couple of times. Just think of it like a tequila shot or something.

That's all I've got right now, but I'll think of some more tips as time goes on. I am off to go deal with this awful cold!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sesh #6 / Day #2

So, a lovely day 2 of this lovely 6th session. This cold of mine is worse than the chemo, believe it or not! I think I went to sleep at 7:00pm last night and then woke up at 2:00am thinking it was the next day already. Nope. So, I proceeded to watch the creepy shows on late night television wondering if I was the only person up at that time...because you sure feel like you are. I think I went back to sleep at 4:00am and woke back up at 7:30am. My sleeping schedule was super crazy last night. I'll probably be taking a nap here shortly, if I can stop sneezing every five seconds!! Pertaining to chemo side effects, I'm actually not feeling too bad! I am just taking it easy and laying on the couch. I think I have made an indent of my body on the couch already. I need to try to take a walk today, but if I am still snuffalufagus in a few hours, it may not be a good idea. We'll see.... :)

Hair status: Still have hair!

That is all for now!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Chemo Session #6 / Day 1

It is day one of chemo session #6. It's official, I'm 50% done-zo! Just 6 more times of getting a needle poked through my chest! The doctor told me this morning that I am basically just a healthy person getting chemo now, so that was good to know!

I had a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends. I even managed to go out a bit, which was nice. BUT good times come with an expense...I got a cold. Yep, all the wheatgrass and protein shakes and all the other madness I eat, the cold managed to sneak it's way into my body. So now I get to deal with the chemo side effects and a cold this week. This could get interesting.

I am only getting two Neupogen injections this week because my white blood cells are starting to stabilize on their own. It's because I'm the "healthy girl on chemo." I mean, how many times a year do you get to meet a healthy girl on chemo? That's what I thought...I'm pretty darn special. :) I still wish I would've won the lottery though...that would have made me feel just as special.

Okay, that's all I've got today. I have to organize a 28 page paper now for school. The life of getting my Masters.

Send me strength and good thoughts. Oh and HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY to my dear friend, Lauren. (I know, we've got good names!)