Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not so good...

Yesterday, I woke up feeling like it was going to be a good day and I was on the road back to feeling normal for a week or so, until my next session. I carried on with my day by running errands and just living a normal life. I even bought some gluten-free cookies at Whole Foods to treat myself, since I don't really eat "sweets" anymore. I even decided to eat one because, hey, I was feeling good. It wasn't until about 6:30p.m. that I started feeling a bit queasy. I decided to make some soup and drink ginger ale. While I was eating the soup, I noticed that I was just not feeling well and couldn't finish my meal. I decided to get some fresh air and put a cool cloth on the back of my neck. Nothing seemed to be working. I don't know if you remember or not, but in a previous posting, I compared the days after chemo to be like a bad hangover. Well, when I am sincerely hungover (from a fun night out, not chemo drugs), I like to lay in the shower because I am convinced it makes me feel better. So, since I partied too hard on the chemo drugs, I decided to use the lay in the shower trick. It turns out that it did actually help me, but I just couldn't seem to feel better. I eventually fell asleep around midnight or so, but it was not a fun evening at all. I had a massage scheduled for 9a.m. this morning, but decided to re-schedule my appointment for next weekend. I think I need to take it easy today and just rest. I was so anxious to returning back to my normal life, I got a little too carried away and overdid it yesterday. So now today is going to consist of working on a final exam for school and watching movies in bed. I may try to get out for a little walk or so to get some fresh air. That's all for now...enjoy the weekend and send strength my way.

Oh, and I'm shedding a little bit more. I just found a strand of hair on my laptop. Gross. BUT, I did just find a pair of red boots at Aldo (online) - I am so excited because I've been trying to find a cute pair of red boots for so long! I just bought them! So whatever hair, fall out if you want, but I'm going to wear my cute red boots anyways!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Session 2 / Day 4

Surprisingly today was not as good as I anticipated it to be - "feel good" wise. I kind of just was in a funk today and felt "blah" all day long. I did manage to get myself out of the house and run a few errands. I somehow ended up at Verizon and tried to persuade them to let me upgrade my phone 3 months early, but I was unsuccessful. I am not even sure why I went in there, I just was driving by and the next thing I knew I was inside the store. I guess mentally I thought a new cell phone would make me feel better. On another note, I still have managed to keep a good appetite and am keeping a good weight. I have lost about 5-7 pounds since this whole cancer madness started, but I wanted to lose the weight anyways to be honest! Although, getting cancer was not my ideal weight loss plan. I have been eating so much better and pretty much stopped drinking coffee and stopped eating sugar (sorry sour patch kids, I still love and miss you). "Can I please have a tall vanilla latte?" has now turned into "Can I please have a grande green tea?"

Anyways, tomorrow is a new day and hopefully it's a bright one, and, um, with hair. As always, count your blessings and say a prayer for Lauren's recovery.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Session 2 / Day 3

Good ol' Day 3 after chemo...if you remember my last session, you know that day 3 is the most annoying. Surprisingly this time, I had more of an annoying night than today so far. I fell asleep last night while watching Melrose Place and woke up to a super icky nauseated feeling. I had to take another pill around midnight to make sure I didn't wake up to a toilet bowl in the middle of the night. This morning I woke up and went for my shot. So far no side effects from the shot they are giving me. Supposedly, it can make your bones hurt. I haven't experienced anything yet and hopefully will not. I am still a bit red in the face and chest from the steroids they gave me Monday, but I'm going to stick with my story that I am sun burnt from my trip to Cabo.

Other than that, no new side effects. Hair still in tact. I did a hair test this morning, as part of my usual routine.

As always, keep the prayers coming. I WILL get through this, I'm just not willing to let cancer take the best of me. Sorry cancer.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Session 2 / Day 2

It is Day #2 and I am feeling pretty good. I did get the usual redness in my chest that I had on Day #2 last session, but it's okay, it looks like I was in Cabo or something and got a sweet little tan! I didn't sleep that well last night, but I think it's because my dog likes to open doors and try to get in the bed with me in the middle of the night. Since I am not allowed to really pet the dogs and I have to keep my distance, no sleepovers right now with them. She is too cute though, she doesn't want to leave my side when I am at my parents house. That actually goes for all three dogs, they love to be around me, I think they know what is going on. I keep telling them I am going to be okay though. I did go in for my shot this morning, it went okay. Kind of gross because I had to get it in my stomach. Blah. Apparently, it's supposed to make my muscles ache a bit and give me flu-like symptoms. We'll see. Hopefully, nothing will happen as far as side effects. Maybe because I am a rock star and recover so quickly? :) Ya, I like to think that especially on chemo weeks. The agenda today is to relax and finish season 2 of Gossip Girl, do some homework, and scrapbook! I organized all my pictures yesterday and that was quite the project. I already went on a little 15 minute walk this morning mom and I may go again this afternoon as well just so I can get out of the house for a little bit.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Send me lots of strength and optimism...and pray these cancer cells are DYING!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Chemo Session 2 Completed (Day 1)

I have completed my second chemotherapy session, which now means that I have completed my first cycle. Each cycle consists of two sessions. My doctor stated that he is leaning more towards not putting me through radiation therapy, as he is going to try to make this healing process as less toxic as possible. So, that's good. I really don't want radiation because I read that it could potentially put you at risk for other bad things later on in life. And God knows I don't want anymore hardships on my health after I overcome this battle. My first PET scan is going to be the week of October 26, 2009. They will evaluate how well I am responding to chemotherapy and then make modifications to my treatment plan. I may need all 6 sessions, which will put me out until February 2010 or I could just do 4 sessions, which means I'll be done in late December. Either way, it's frustrating, so I don't know if I mind that I would need all 6 sessions. Like I have mentioned before in previous posts, I just want to be cured. That's all that's important to me!!!! I am feeling pretty good after treatment today, back to my fist sized meals, five times per day. I am going to go on a walk in a little while also. I have taken on scrap booking as a hobby to get my mind off things! But I also am tackling some homework too...obtaining my Master's Degree is not being put on the back burner too much. Hopefully this week goes by quickly without too much agony and pain. Oh, I forgot to mention - I have to get that shot of Neupogen. And I'm sorry, make that plural...shots. Apparently, I'll need it for a few days. My first one is tomorrow morning. Blah. Okay, well please continue to keep your strong faith and pray for me. Here's a few pictures from this morning's session. Thanks to my family for all attending and staying by my side. It means a lot to me. One more thing, I made a pumpkin pie with my dad on Saturday and it came out soo- good! It fulfilled my craving!