Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My lungs are still working good!

I had an eventful day at the pulmonary doctor! The appointment was actually a success. I really liked the doctor and he said everything looked good! He even felt on my lymph nodes and said "I don't feel anything." So, that kind of was nice to hear from someone other than my oncologist and parents. I had to breathe into this thing and basically breathe everything out I possibly can with some tube in my mouth and my nose plugged. It's really hard actually!! But the doctor said that everything looked excellent! So, thank you lungs for continuing to work through the toxic chemotherapy drugs. I surely appreciate you. I am having my 6th date with chemo on Monday. I told chemo I wasn't interested anymore and to stop calling me, but he's so persistent and wants me to commit to dating him 7 more times. I agreed. But then I made him promise to never call me again...and he did. :)

Wishing you all a Happy (and healthy) Thanksgiving! I'm making an organic pumpkin pie if anyone wants a piece.