Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Mondayyyy....

I have arrived home safely from California. I must say that the weather was absolutely terrible on the drive home, lucky for me - Britt was driving and she did an excellent job getting us through the storm! If it were me driving, I probably would have freaked out and had to pull over. I kind of have to blame my terrible eyesight for that. No, I don't wear my glasses like I should and no, I don't wear contacts. How do I see, you ask? I don't really. :) I can see everything up close, but if Brad Pitt were 20 feet away, I would easily confuse him with my dad. haha! (Dad, don't take any offense to that) Anyways, my weekend was very relaxing! I spent most of the time on the couch watching TV - but hey, I'm not complaining. We did manage to get out of the house daily to go on a walk. I got an AWFUL headache on Saturday night, but my brother-in-law played nurse very well and was very accommodating. I blame myself for the headache because I pretty much dehydrated myself. I have this weird thing on chemo weeks that I don't like to drink anything. I have no explanation as to why, but drinking stuff repulses me. I literally force myself to drink water. Anyways, I ended up getting a horrible headache and didn't sleep well Saturday night. Then yesterday, I think I may have overexerted myself on a walk and kind of got a bit nauseous. As I sat there and felt sorry for myself being nauseous and was about to put my pajamas on at 3:00 in the afternoon - I had a change of attitude. I decided that I was NOT going to let the chemo control my body and I was going to control the chemo. Ya, that's little chemo you.

Anyways, it's Monday - I am off from work today and have to go run some errands. Whole Foods called me and said they needed me to go spend $100 on groceries today. I am feeling better though and the girls are coming over tonight to watch The Bachelor! Woooo!

I probably won't post much this week, so I hope everyone has a wonderful week...keep me in your prayers!

Also, I may be purchasing a puppy after chemo is done. It's kind of my end of chemo / birthday present! I bonded with my sister and brother-in-law's maltese, Marshall...and now I want one. My parents aren't too thrilled because let's just say that last time I bought a dog, they had an addition to their family. I was 18....come on, give me a break. :)

Here's a picture of cute is he!!!!!!