Saturday, February 27, 2010

A few days later...

My sister asked me yesterday if I was going to continue to write on my blog and my answer was, "I don't know!" To be honest, I really wasn't planning to unless there is news that I really want to share such as, results of a PET scan! So, other than that - I probably won't be blogging much anymore!

Just to update everyone on how I am feeling, the answer is okay. I have been so exhausted the past few days and have literally spent majority of the days sleeping. I think my body has finally said, "ENOUGH CHEMO, NO MORE!"

I am very excited to get my body back to normal though and start pushing myself harder and harder each week to get my strength back. I will be eating a diet full of high antioxidant foods as well!

I turn 25 in less than a week and am excited to start a new year with a new perspective on life and health!!

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